Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has used innovative direct action tactics to defend the ocean. With our own fleet, we are the only marine conservation organization in the world that takes action against illegal activities at sea. Through our work, we end poaching, ensure that conservation laws are enforced and prevent the destruction and exploitation of marine habitats. Our goal is to protect the ocean for future generations.

Since its founding by Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd has grown into a global movement that inspires many people. With thousands of volunteers in more than 20 countries and supporters around the world, we make a difference every day and save the lives of countless marine animals. Become a part of our movement and join our mission.

We cannot allow the ocean to die right in front of our eyes, but it does: marine species are currently disappearing at twice the rate of land-based species. The main causes of this loss are habitat destruction through fishing, poaching, marine pollution, eutrophication and advancing climate change. The loss of biodiversity and the impact on our ecosystems affect us all. The ocean is our life support system: it regulates the weather and climate, provides well over half of the oxygen we need to live, stores a significant amount of CO2 emissions and serves as a necessary food source for much of the world's population.

Protecting the ocean means protecting our lives.

For a healthy future, we need a healthy ocean. That is why we need to change the way we treat the ocean and its wildlife. Marine conservation actually is something that starts in the mind, in shopping habits and in the wardrobe. The small everyday decisions that each one of us makes are crucial. If not now, when?

Six tips to actively protect our ocean:

• Regulate your eating habits and avoid eating fish and meat altogether.

• Try to live as climate neutral as possible.

• Inform friends and acquaintances about the issue of marine conservation and help us to educate others.

• Avoid using disposable plastic and use ecological alternatives.

• Participate in a beach cleanup or organize your own cleanup in your area.

• Support Sea Shepherd's work and show your support: take a photo of your Sea Shepherd gear and share your message on Instagram using #ForTheOcean - together we can motivate others to be part of our movement.

Because if there's one thing worth fighting for, it's life. So, are you ready?