All materials meet the highest ecological standards.

We try to make all areas of our organization future-oriented, resource-conserving and sustainable. This starts with an almost completely digital organizational structure, continues with vegan meals on our ships and extends to our online shop. And that's where we put a lot of effort into making our products as sustainable as possible. We are always looking for innovative ideas to further reduce our impact on nature and help protect the planet. All materials meet the highest social and ecological standards:

We fight for animal rights, whether on land or at sea.

Our products are 100% vegan and manufactured without animal suffering. Whether in our clothing, our skincare products or our food items, we make sure that no materials or substances derived from animals are used in the development or production. We do not use leather, wool, silk, down, honey, beeswax or animal-based adhesives such as gelatine.

We guarantee cotton from organic sources.

Cotton fibres are among the most important raw materials for textiles of all kinds. Their cultivation and further processing consume vast amounts of resources, which means that the cotton industry has a massive impact on the environment. To keep this negative impact as low as possible, we only use certified organic cotton. This guarantees that no pesticides or harmful fertilizers and no genetically modified seeds are used. Compared to conventional cotton, less CO2, water and energy are required for the cultivation and production of organic cotton. In addition, the certification ensures fair working conditions throughout the entire textile production process.

Certification: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)      

We are fighting for more justice.

The label stands for fair trade and decent working conditions. Fairtrade makes an important contribution to more equality along the supply chains and ensures a sustainable improvement of social, ecological and economic standards. This way, the label ensures fairer payment, strengthens structures for democratic involvement and ensures better working conditions, e.g. regarding health benefits, extra hours and holiday entitlements.
Certification: Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (Fairtrade Certification Mark)      

We always do our best to get even better.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold Level is one of the highest ecological standards in the manufacturing of goods worldwide. This guarantees a consistent circular economy for resource-saving manufacturing of waste-free products. All textiles are recyclable, completely biodegradable and 100% free of harmful substances. When your clothes rot, they will release nutrients for the soil: this means that your clothing can be returned to the natural cycle from which it once originated. Harmless for people and nature – from the production process to the finished product.

Certification: Cradle-to-Cradle-Gold      

We ship plastic-free.

We ship our items plastic-free and in grass-fibre boxes. This packaging saves a lot of water, energy and CO2 compared to wood fibre. Thanks to the regional cultivation of the raw materials, eliminating long and unnecessary transport routes. By switching to grass-fibre cartons, we can contribute to the sustainable conservation of valuable resources and save trees from deforestation.

We are creative to save resources.

The issues of up- and recycling are becoming increasingly important to sustainably conserve valuable resources. That's why we are always looking for creative ways to use recycled raw materials. For example, we use fibres made from recycled cotton or post-consumer recycled materials such as plastic waste, marine debris or old fishing nets. We constantly focus on innovative development and cooperation with up- and recycling specialists. Even slow-moving inventory, donated wetsuits or ghost nets get a second chance in our shop.