Upcycling Bumbag

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Upcycling Bumbag

This small hip bag is made from a piece of Sea Shepherd history. Thanks to upcycling these sweaters, which were originally designed for our 40th anniversary, now have a whole new use and a second chance as bumbags.

The anniversary has been over for some time now. We turned 41, 42 and 43 and to avoid wasting valuable resources and finally make some room in our warehouse, we got creative.

Each bumbag is handmade and truly unique: no two bumbags are alike. The bumbags are limited to 800 pieces. Sustainable and creative – for our oceans!

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• Upcycling. Fair. Social. Handmade.
• Colours: Blue and Black, design varies
• Sea Shepherd logo (FloraPap) sewn on the belt
• Bumbag: 100 % biocotton
• Zipper in copper, zipper pull dark grey
• Size adjustable by metal slide
• Can be worn on the hip or as a cross-body bag
• 100 % handmade in Hamburg, limited edition
• Width: 24 cm, height: 13 cm, depth: max. 6.5 cm

Belt length: min. 81 cm / max. 128 cm
Belt strap: 100 % Polypropylene

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