Lady Tanktop Pigment dyed anthra

  Lady Tanktop Pigment dyed anthra

  • The article is made of Fairtrade organic cotton and is GOTS certified.
  • Eco-friendly printing inks
  • Casual Fit
  • Protect the environment - Wash at low temperature - let the clothes air dry

All of the cotton is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers.

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Product Naam Aantal
Lady Tanktop PD anthra - S/36
€ 24,00
Incl. 16% VAT
Lady Tanktop PD anthra - M/38
€ 24,00
Incl. 16% VAT
Lady Tanktop PD anthra - L/40
€ 24,00
Incl. 16% VAT
Lady Tanktop PD anthra - XL/42
€ 24,00
Incl. 16% VAT


Caution: The specified dimensions are product dimensions, not body measurements!

Lady Tanktop          
  S/36 M/38 L/40 XL/42  
B  1/2 Chest 41 44 47 50  
C  Length from shoulder 69 71 73 75  

Measuring distance

Pigment Dyed

The special dyeing process and handmade treatments applied to this garment produce its unique look. Characteristic streaks and different colour shadings as well as irregularities in the fabric are particularities of the garment and make it unique and special. In this way every piece is different from the other one! Washing and exposure to strong light irradiation may change the colouring.

Due to the special dyeing process a slightly fade out of garment colour is unavoidable. Therefore wash the garment separately before first wearing and later wash together with similar colours.

In individual cases colour abrasion may occur. Be careful in contact with light coloured upholstery and while wearing light coloured underwear, socks or sneakers.

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