Heren Classic HoodLamb

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The original HoodLamb
is Hemp tough on the outside and Hemp soft on the inside. The Classic features an destructible hemp outer shell and the thickest Satifur lining in HL collection. Add double-stitched seams at stress lines, and HoodLamb’s signature secret pockets, and this jacket will triumph to see another day. Everytime.

Sea Shepherd chooses HoodLamb as its apparel partner to support its missions to protect marine wildlife. Custom designs created in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and tested in all weather conditions make this the ultimate gear for any climate.

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→ Organic Hemp Cellulose Weather Resistant Treatment Custom YKK,
→ 10mm two-way zipper and zipper-pull Microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses
→ Satifur-lined handwarmer pockets
→ Magnetic arm pocket Earplug loops Hemline drawstring Jolly Rogers embroidery
→ Shell: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton twill
→ Lining: 20% hemp, 35% recycled pet, 45% acrylic Satifur

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