Brands Fashion - Fairtrade

Fairtrade seal for fair trade

A Fair Trade Seal or a Fair Trade Seal designates goods that originate wholly or only in part from a "fair trade" defined according to certain criteria, i.e. that are manufactured in accordance with specified social and ecological criteria.

The new workwear collection from Brands Fashion is produced almost exclusively in a Fairtrade supply chain.

FAIRTRADE is an independent global organisation dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of small farmers and workers in developing countries.


No child labour

Valid employment contracts

No forced labour

The right to trade unions

Secure and healthy working conditions

No Discrimination

Adequate working hours

Fair payment

Here you will find the official Fairtrade guidelines: https://www.fairtrade-deutschland.de/fileadmin/DE/01_was_ist_fairtrade/03_standards/fairtrade_haendler_standard.pdf

FAIRTRADE helps on site

As a member of the Fairtrade community, farmers receive a fair and above all stable price for their cotton, irrespective of the world market. In addition, the small farmers' cooperative receives a bonus which is used for local community projects, such as the construction of schools or wells.

Against this background, Fairtrade farmers from disadvantaged areas in the South are given market access to the North.

Our affiliated factories and suppliers are audited annually by FLOCERT, the independent Fairtrade certifier, in order to ensure Fairtrade's standards.


If you want clothing that is not only robust and comfortable to wear, but also environmentally friendly, fair and sustainably produced, Brands Fashion workwear is the right choice.

The Fairtrade label guarantees stable minimum prices to improve the living and working conditions of cotton farmers. A fair trade for a fair world!