Book "Victory of the Whale"

Victory of the Whale – Tattoo Art for the Ocean

Sea Shepherd, in collaboration with the London Tattoo Convention, is proud to present the Victory of the Whale – Tattoo Art for the Ocean book. Tattoo artists from all over the world have created a special design based on the 200 year anniversary of the victory of a sperm whale, defeating a whaling vessel in 1820.

The title refers to the tale of the whaling vessel ESSEX which set sail from Nantucket, Massachusetts on a fateful voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

During the attempted slaughter of a whale pod, the ship was rammed by an enormous sperm whale and the battered ship succumbed to the ocean, leaving the Captain and his crew stranded far at sea, forced to embark on a treacherous return journey. This harrowing tale inspired Herman Melville to write his classic novel ‘Moby Dick’.

To honour this anniversary, 71 artists from all over the world have each produced a work inspired by the ramming of the sperm whale. Representing the power and beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

 All contributing artists have donated the original artwork, as well as the copyrights, to Sea Shepherd.

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We are proud of the tattoo community who have eagerly participated and lent their talents to support this cause, particularly through the turbulent times we’ve experienced as a result of the global pandemic. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to every entrant for their contribution!

• Hard cover, linnen with embedded illustration.
• 21 x 25 cm
• Full colour
• 88 pages
• intro by Captain Paul Watson, founder Sea Shepherd
• preface by Geert Vons, artistic director Sea Shepherd
• price €25

Contributing artists:

Ael Lim, Alan Victor, Amy Billing, Anastacia Rice, Anthony Mann, Aureole, Ben Dunning, Bogdan Boyadzhiev, C.K.Low, Caileigh McNeil, Christian Boye Larsen, Christian Schettino, Christos Galiropoulos, Claudia Ducalia, Crez, Damien Rodriquez, Danj J, Dashuai Ma, Deborah Pow, Duncan Henderson, El Carlo, Elvia Guadian, Emanuel Oliveira, Erik Rieth, Filhouino, Gav Dunbar, Geert Vons, Guen Douglas, Hannah Weston, Hanumantra Lamar, Jee Sayalero, Jamie Ruth, Jo Harrison, Jondix, Jordan Ucello, Kelsie Firth, Kid Kros, Kodomo Horidoushin, Laurel Cummins, Liam Alvy, Lu Manzini, Lucian Tatar, Luke Ashley, Manh Huynh, Mark Clifford, Meraki FadeFX, Mil et Une Art, Mosh, Nissaco, Orient Ching, Oscar Hove, Otto d’Ambra, Paife Beckett, Paul Talbot, Pif, Rachel Sawtell, Rafael Maciera, Sergey Murdoc, Sharuzen, Simone Kindamo, Simone Millo, Sofie Simpson, Stef Bastian, Thomas Kynst, Timo van Rheenen, Tom Farrow, Tom Grosz, Toni-Lou Bourdil, Wenlong Cui, Xoil, Yoni Zilber

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