Towel Jolly Roger

Towel with Jolly Roger logo.

•    100x180 cm

•    100% cotton (GOTS certified) - 450 gr./m2

100% organic in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
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7-9 days
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Soft bath towel from organic cotton with Jolly Roger logo.
Quality: 100% cotton (GOTS certified) - 450 gr./m2
Terry with two-color (black and white)
Size: 180 x 100 cm

It takes a pirate to stop a pirate! Henry Morgan and Sir Francis Drake have already proven a number of centuries ago. Our "Jolly Roger" logo displays our own creative version of the pirate flag. It was designed by Geert Vons and reflects what we stand for. The shepherd’s crook crossed with the trident of Neptune symbolize our protection of life in the oceans and our determination to fight for their rights to survive and be free to be what they are in the sea. The skull reflects the death that humanity brings to the oceans, while the whale and dolphin on the form of yin and yang symbolize our desire to bring our seas into balance and restore the grace of the dolphin and the wisdom of the whale.

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Delivery Time 7-9 days
Certificates GOTS

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