Sea Shepherd x ChocoDelSol, chocolate pure

Product information "Pure 82% - Vegan Organic Chocolate"

This dark, stone-rolled chocolate impresses with its high proportion of cocoa beans. It is handcrafted in the manufactory with the addition of only a little sugar. During this careful process the cocoa can develop its full variety of aromas and amazes many a chocolate lover with fruity nuances. Enjoy a dark chocolate with only two ingredients in perfection. Choco Del Sol pay special attention to the origin of the raw materials and source their cocoa directly and without exception from farmers' cooperatives in Belize and Peru, which guarantee them organic cultivation.

Note: For quality reasons the chocolate is only shipped up to an outside temperature of 25°C.

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2-3 Tage

Sea Shepherd x ChocoDelSol, chocolate pure

Pure 82 % - Bean to Bar chocolate 
Peru Single Origin

Dark chocolate, 82 % cocoa

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Delivery Time 2-3 Tage