Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Flag (small)

Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Flag (small)

•    Size: 55 x 84 cm
•    Material: recycled polyester

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7-9 days
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This Flag has been flown on our vessels on campaigns to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. It has struck fear into the hearts of those who are destroying our planet by killing whales, seals, sharks, dolphins, and turtles. Now for the first time, you can show your support for Sea Shepherd and marine wildlife by purchasing this flag to fly on your boat, to fly on a flagpole in your front yard, to frame and hang in your home, or to give as a present. On your boat or at home, displaying the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger will show the world that you support marine conservation and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • Eco-friendly Poly Nylon material,
  • high quality, Hem on left side,
  • Black with white printing,
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Delivery Time 7-9 days

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