Fanny pack Jolly Roger
Fanny pack Jolly Roger
Fanny pack Jolly Roger
Fanny pack Jolly Roger
Fanny pack Jolly Roger
Fanny pack Jolly Roger

Fanny pack Jolly Roger


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vegan (100% tierleidfrei produziert)

vegan (100% produced without animal suffering)

recyceltes oder upcyceltes Material

recycled or upcycled material
The Jolly Roger logo features our own creative version of the pirate flag. It was designed by artist Geert Vons and shows what we stand for. The crossed shepherd's crook and Neptune's trident are symbolic of our vigil over the creatures in the oceans and our determination to fight for them so they can live freely in the sea. The skull represents the death that humanity brings to the oceans. Yin and Yang - whale and dolphin - on the other hand, symbolize our goal to restore balance to the sea, to preserve the grace of the dolphins and the wisdom of the whales.


  • Lightweight, water repellent made from 100% recycled polyester.
  • Size: Width: 29cm, Height: 18 cm, Depth: 11 cm.
  • main compartment and front compartment with 2-way wrap-around zipper
  • Back with matte PU coating
  • 2 stretch polyester mesh bottle holders
  • adjustable hip belt, with sturdy buckle
  • key finder hook
  • Please do not wash fanny pack in washing machine.

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