• Material: polyamid 6.6 untreated
  • size: 50 x 74 cm
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  • Material: polyamid 6.6 untreated
  • size: 50 x 74 cm  (19,7”x 29,1” )
  • Easy to use
  • Tested and endorsed
  • Made from virgin nylon
  • Last for about 200 cycles
  • Worn bags can be returned to be fully recycled by the manufacturer, because the material is pure and without additive

The GUPPYFRIEND washing bag is the first practical way to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. its soft surface results in fewer fiber losses and thus helps your garments last longer. those microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag.


STOP! Micro Waste – The Guppyfriend

The Guppyfriend was developed to offer a pragmatic yet effective measure to put a stop to the microfibers pollution and to raise awareness for the problematic. Pop your clothes into the bag that contain synthetic materials and simply wash with your other clothes. The Guppyfriend will catch all the microfibers that break off during the washing cycle (tested by the German Textile Institute). Also, the Guppyfriend will protect the clothes inside the bag and they will lose on average about 80% less fibers in the first place (test series by the Fraunhofer Institute). The fibers that do break off will then collect in the top corners of the bag from where they can be removed.

For the future STOP! Micro Waste is trying to get washing machine manufactures on board to implement efficient filter systems, but it will probably take years until the market is ready for it. However we need to act. NOW!

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Delivery Time 7-9 days

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