Book - Gideon and the Red Beach

'Gideon an the Red Beach'
is a poetic, educational hardcover about the Faroese Grind. It tells the story about young Gideon and his dreams and discoveries. 

Book from Geert Vons, Artist Director Sea Shepherd Global

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Dutch Gideon en het rode strand - ISBN 978-90-76625-00-3
English Gideon and the red beach - ISBN 978-90-76625-12-6
Faroese Gideon og tann reyoa strondin – ISBN 978-90-76625-37-9
French Gédéon et la plage rouge - ISBN 978-90-76625-15-7
Danish Gideon og den røde strand - ISBN 978-90-76625-17-1
Spanish Gideon y la playa roja - ISBN 978-90-76625-18-8
Italian Gideon e la spiaggia rossa - ISBN 978-90-76625-16-4
Luxembourgish De Gideon an de roude Strand - ISBN 978-90-76625-14-0

Warning: graphic images.

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Delivery Time 7-9 days

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